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Mr. Allen is the reason we were able to purchase our property. Mr. Allen, on behalf of myself, my wife Sherill, my daughter Alexa and my son Alex, thank you very much for everything you did for us. My family has a piece of the American dream.
The Morgan Family (Uniondale, Long Island)
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“I have known JR Allen for over 9 years. During this time I have grown to respect and admire him for his professionalism and dedication to excellence. He’s dependable and loyal; trustworthy and supportive. His dedication to his clientele, employees, family and friends, demonstrate the very core of ‘who’ he is. JR is a man of integrity and his passion for life is quite contagious. I’ve worked with him in the Real Estate/ Mortgage profession, and his focus has always been, ‘Clients’ first!”

“Hats off to you JR. I wish there were more like you!”
Vivia Taylor, Palm Beach Gardens, FL

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“It gives me great pleasure to recommend Mr. JR Allen to anyone seeking to purchase a home. Mr. Allen is an outstanding Mortgage Broker, very dependable, hardworking, tactical and technical proficient. These are qualities the Mortgage Industry definitely needs to maintain in a struggling economy.”

“Mr. JR Allen embraces the credo written by General Douglas Mac Arthur “Duty, Honor, Country.” He has ways of motivating others, understanding fellow citizens and inspiring commitment, teamwork and Esprit de Corps according to Realtors creed to help mankind. He has a keen ability for assessing and solving any situation posed to him.”

“I purchased my property through Mr. Allen in March 07. He has invested time and effort to assist me in accomplishing my goals and dreams of becoming a home owner. Mr. JR Allen is very dedicated and it would be an asset to any person wishing to purchase a home.”
PARRIS WATSON, 1LT, FI, Disbursing Officer US Army

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“JR Allen is one of the most dedicated and honest members of the community. He has consistently demonstrated his dedication and desire to assist in the upliftment of the people of the diaspora through his philanthropy, innovative actions and his radio program which seeks to educate people about real-estate.”

“Over the many years I have know him, his consistency in helping the community has never wavered despite the many challenges he faced.”

“This is a man worthy of respect and all the support our community can give.”
Tony A. Barrett, Caribbean Link Inc
“Bringing Caribbean products home to you.”

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“JR Allen is a leader who speaks gently yet with authority. His book, Quoting Your Way Through, will help you get through situations with inspiration. Whether listening to JR Allen on his radio program or reading his book, his words are worth listening to.”

Susan R. Rabinowitz Featured in the New York Times, Creator of Scriptures in Pictures, Author, No Evidence of Disease and Founder www.NEDnation.com

In addition to being an inspiration for yourself, the quotations in JR Allen’s book Quoting Your Way Through, can also help motivate employees, co-workers, friends or family. Use them in your newsletter, on your website, or in your email.

However you choose to use these uplifting and inspiring quotes, I know that they will change your life if you take them to heart. Kipling once said that words are “the most powerful drug used by mankind.” May the words in this book be the prescription you have been looking for to change, improve or inspire your life.